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Probond F51

Moisture Curing, Foaming Polyurethane Adhesive

Name: Probond F51

Cartridges: Yes

Sausages: No

Cure: Neutral

Type: Polyurethane

Admil’s Probond F51 is a high strength, single component, Polyurethane Pre‐Polymer adhesive that cures to form a high-strength bond with a thin glue line.  

Probond F51 reacts with moisture in the atmosphere and is ideal for bonding porous materials such as timber, hardwood, melamine, plasterboard, cement sheeting and polystyrene/EPS foam. 

If both materials being bonded are non‐porous, such as metal, Probond F51 will not cure as it requires moisture to create the curing reaction.  

However, if bonding non‐porous to porous materials, Probond F51 will draw moisture for the curing reaction from the porous substrate. 

Some applications for this product include:

  • joinery
  • furniture construction
  • general building works
  • shop fitting
  • motor body building and assembly applications


  • Low odour
  • High Strength
  • Single component
  • Non-Flammable
  • Fast set time

Materials **

  • Hardwood
  • Melamine
  • Plasterboard
  • Timber
  • Wood
  • Cement Sheeting
  • Polystyrene/EPS Foam

** Materials are an indication only and some surfaces may need additional preparation prior to application. Admil Prosil Primer 1 is recommended where future preparation is required.