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Probond Liquidbond

Professional High Strength Contact Adhesive

Name: Liquidbond

Cartridges: Yes

Sausages: No

Cure: Neutral

Type: Adhesive

Admil Liquid Bond is a high strength contact adhesive that will not slump on vertical surfaces.

It can be used either as a one-way liquid adhesive, or a two-way contact adhesive.  It offers adhesion to most common surfaces.


Admil LiquidBond conforms to the following standards:

  • AS2329-80 (Mastic Adhesive for fixing Wallboards)

Some applications for this product include:

  • Floor and Wall panels
  • Wood, Plasterboard, and Chipboard
  • Leather, cardboard, etc
  • Aluminum, Iron, and Steel
  • Concrete, Cement sheeting, and Masonry  
  • And many other common substrates


  • Fast grab
  • One part ready to use
  • Fast drying
  • High strength
  • Safe for polystyrene foam
  • Easy application

Materials **

  • Aluminum
  • Concrete
  • Timber
  • Wood
  • Most powder coated surfaces.

** Materials are an indication only and some surfaces may need additional preparation prior to application. Admil Prosil Primer 1 is recommended where future preparation is required.